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Audi Gas Struts
Audi Gas Struts
Replacement Struts for Boot/Tailgate, Bonnet, Hoods etc.

Using the table below, select your model of car and gas strut type. The diagram below will also allow you to
understand the gas strut measurements via its 'extended length' and 'stroke'. If you can't find the Audi Gas Strut you require. Then please click here to complete our custom replacement gas struts section or call us on 01604 496624
during office hours to speak to a member of our sales team.

Audi Gas Struts
Understanding the measurements of car gas struts.

Audi 90 QuattroBonnet04/87 > 12/91893823360615260 Buy Now
Audi 90 QuattroBoot + Spoiler08/84 > 03/87811827552A305110 Buy Now
Audi 90 QuattroBoot08/84 > 03/87811827552304115 Buy Now
Audi A2Tailgate02/00 >8Z08227552A
500200 Buy Now
Audi A3Tailgate05/03 >8P3827552A488193 Buy Now
Audi A3Tailgate08/00 > 05/038D9827552F500193 Buy Now
Audi A3Bonnet09/96 > 05/038L082339500200 Buy Now
Audi A3Tailgate & Spoiler05/03 >8P3827552D495185 Buy Now
Audi A3Bonnet05/03 >8P0823359715306 Buy Now
Audi A4 AvantTailgate09/01 >8E9827552E500200 Buy Now
Audi A4 AvantBonnet09/01 >8E0823359A715315 Buy Now
Audi A4 AvantBoot11/95 > 09/018D9827552500205 Buy Now
Audi A4 AvantBonnet01/94 > 11/008D0823359722306 Buy Now
Audi A4 CabrioletBoot04/02 >8H0827552A312100 Buy Now
Audi A4 CabrioletBonnet04/02 >8H823359722306 Buy Now
Audi A4 SaloonBonnet01/94 > 11/008D0823359722306 Buy Now
Audi A4 SaloonBoot01/94 > 11/008D5827552
27995 Buy Now
Audi A4 SaloonBonnet11/00 >8E0823359A722315 Buy Now
Audi A4 SaloonBoot11/00 >4B5827552F
29895 Buy Now
Audi A6 AvantTailgate04/00 >4B9827552L
500195 Buy Now

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If you can't find the Gas Strut you require. Then please click here
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