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Peugeot Gas Struts
Peugeot Gas Struts
Replacement Struts for Boot/Tailgate, Bonnet, Hoods etc.

Using the table below, select your model of car and gas strut type. The diagram below will also allow you to
understand the gas strut measurements via its 'extended length' and 'stroke'. If you can't find the Peugeot Gas Strut your require. Then please click here to complete our custom replacement gas struts section or call us on 01604 496624
during office hours to speak to a member of our sales team.

Peugeot Gas Struts
Understanding the measurements of car gas struts.

Peugeot 309 II Hatch 1.9 GTITailgate + Spoiler07/89 > 07/93873179
566230 Buy Now
Peugeot 405 EstateTailgate10/88 > 10/96873183
418148 Buy Now
Peugeot 406 CoupeBonnet03/97 >7925O719555 Buy Now
Peugeot 406 CoupeBoot03/1997 >3470400286100 Buy Now
Peugeot 406 EstateBonnet10/96 >7925O7
19555 Buy Now
Peugeot 406 EstateTailgate10/96 >8731C5
558200 Buy Now
Peugeot 406 SaloonBonnet10/95 > 05/047925O7
685265 Buy Now
Peugeot 406 SaloonBoot04/99 > 05/048731/E9
445172 Buy Now
Peugeot 406 SaloonBonnet10/95 > 05/047925O7685265 Buy Now
Peugeot 406 Saloon BootBoot10/95 > 12/988731A7
490190 Buy Now
Peugeot 407 SaloonBoot05/04 >8731K4320100 Buy Now
Peugeot 407 Station WagonRear opening Window05/04 >8731J7
31095 Buy Now
Peugeot 407 Station WagonTailgate with Rear opening Window05/04 >8731JG375140 Buy Now
Peugeot 504 EstateTailgate06/74 > 06/83873143
600240 Buy Now
Peugeot 505 EstateTailgate07/83 > 09/92873151640190 Buy Now
Peugeot 505 SaloonBoot79 > 10/82862212
475198 Buy Now
Peugeot 505 SaloonBoot11/82 > 06/83862213
417160 Buy Now
Peugeot 505 SaloonBoot07/83 > 09/92862214475198 Buy Now
Peugeot 605 SaloonBoot01/94 >12/988731A1
408150 Buy Now
Peugeot 605 SaloonBonnet01/94 > 12/98792505
19550 Buy Now

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