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Rover Gas Struts
Rover Gas Struts
Replacement Struts for Boot/Tailgate, Bonnet, Hoods etc.

Using the table below, select your model of car and gas strut type. The diagram below will also allow you to
understand the gas strut measurements via its 'extended length' and 'stroke'. If you can't find the Rover Gas Strut you require. Then please click here to complete our custom replacement gas struts section or call us on 01604 496624
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Rover Gas Struts
Understanding the measurements of car gas struts.

Rover 100Tailgate without Wiper11/89 > 12/98GST111550205 Buy Now
Rover 100Tailgate + Wiper11/89 > 12/98BHE39006550200 Buy Now
Rover 200Boot03/85 > 10/95GST120680270 Buy Now
Rover 200Tailgate11/95 > 03/00GST15960022 Buy Now
Rover 200 GTIBoot + Spoiler03/85 > 10/95GST122680270 Buy Now
Rover 25Tailgate10/99 >BHE45001600220 Buy Now
Rover 400Tailgate05/95 > 03/00BHE140010515200 Buy Now
Rover 400Tailgate + Spoiler05/95 > 03/00BHE140020515200 Buy Now
Rover 45Tailgate02/00GTS157515200 Buy Now
Rover 45Tailgate + Spoiler02/00 >BHE140020515200 Buy Now
Rover 75Boot02/99 >BMH500010315105 Buy Now
Rover 75 EstateTailgate08/01 >BHE500050565210 Buy Now
Rover 75 EstateTailgate / Rear opening window08/01 >BHE500070398120 Buy Now
Rover 800Bonnet01/92 > 02/99BKK41003513215 Buy Now
Rover 800Boot10/86 > 10/92BHM410040570215 Buy Now
Rover 800Boot / Boot + Spoiler10/92 > 02/99BHE41003605230 Buy Now
Rover MetroTailgate19/84 > 89542224 Buy Now
Rover MetroTailgate without Wiper1989 > 1994BHE39005550205 Buy Now
Rover MetroTailgate + Wiper1989 > 1994BHE39006550200 Buy Now
Rover MG ZRTailgate06/01 >BHE45001600220 Buy Now

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If you can't find the Gas Strut you require. Then please click here
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