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Seat Gas Struts
Seat Gas Struts
Replacement Struts for Boot/Tailgate, Bonnet, Hoods etc.

Using the table below, select your model of car and gas strut type. The diagram below will also allow you to
understand the gas strut measurements via its 'extended length' and 'stroke'. If you can't find the Seat Gas Strut you require. Then please click here to complete our custom replacement gas struts section or call us on 01604 496624
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Seat Gas Struts
Understanding the measurements of car gas struts.

Seat AlhambraTailgate09/95 > 07/007M0827550D593200 Buy Now
Seat AlhambraBonnet08/00 >7M3823359A452177 Buy Now
Seat AlhambraTailgate08/00 >7M0827550G452177 Buy Now
Seat AlteaTailgate03/04 >5P0827550A500200 Buy Now
Seat ArosaTailgate01/97 >6E0827550C500200 Buy Now
Seat ArosaTailgate01/97 >6X0827550500200 Buy Now
Seat Cordoba I EstateTailgate09/96 > 06/996K0827550500200 Buy Now
Seat Cordoba I SaloonBoot (with or without Spoiler)02/93 > 06/996K582755028799 Buy Now
Seat Cordoba II EstateTailgate06/99 >6K0827550500200 Buy Now
Seat Cordoba II SaloonBoot (with or without Spoiler)06/99 > 10/026K5827550C28799 Buy Now
Seat Cordoba III SaloonBoot (with or without Spoiler)10/02 >6L5827550B28799 Buy Now
Seat Ibiza ITailgate06/84 > 12/93XO39503120696278 Buy Now
Seat Ibiza IITailgate (with or without Spoiler)12/93 > 08/996K6827550526206 Buy Now
Seat Ibiza IIITailgate (with or without Spoiler)08/99 > 02/026K6827550A525210 Buy Now
Seat Ibiza IVTailgate (with or without Spoiler)02/02 >6L6827550B500200 Buy Now
Seat LeonBonnet11/99 > 09/051M0823359A575235 Buy Now
Seat LeonTailgate (with or without Spoiler)11/99 > 09/051M6827550A500200 Buy Now
Seat Toledo I HatchTailgate (with or without Spoiler)01/91 > 03/991L0827550515195 Buy Now
Seat Toledo IIBonnet04/99 >1M0823359A575235 Buy Now
Seat Toledo II SaloonBoot04/99 >1M5827550B27990 Buy Now

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If you can't find the Gas Strut you require. Then please click here
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